Saturday, May 19, 2012

Something Stirs In the Northern Wastes

There is a reasonably new wargaming club in the greater Wellington region - the Kapiti Wargaming Club.

These guys meet every Thursday and from a recent article in the Kapiti News play games across a wide range of genres including Warhammer 40k and Fantasy Battle. They also appear to run organised events, including a recent Apocalypse game and a themed Vampire Counts battle.

You can get details about them, their venue and meeting times at

They also run a Facebook page and have a regular newsletter.

Hoping to see some of their members at upcoming events here in Wellington.


  1. Thanks Pete,

    We meet on Thursday at the Kapiti Community Centre, Ngahina Street, from 4:30pm for early session and 7:00pm for late session. We've got members of all ages, and all levels of experience. We also have regular all Sunday gaming days too (next 15 Jul).

    We built this new constituted club on the bones of the informal 40k club that has been operating for over three years on the same night. Thus while most have Warhammer or 40K backgrounds, we're all keen to see and try new things and that is why we wanted to broaden it to a wargaming club and be welcoming to all. We've got a couple of new members who play FOW and as a result several members are now building their own FoW armies.

    We're particulalry keen to get some historical modellers/collectors along - especially to our 15 Jul gamesday.

    We are creating a fun safe and inclusive envionment for people to come and game together and enjoy their hobby.

    Come and have a look - you'll be welcome :)
    Cheers, Mark

  2. Might have to get involved in this!

  3. I noticed when I was doing a google search for the club that Kapiti College runs a club after school on Fridays after school. Maybe the two clubs can organise events between them and/or share resources.