Monday, May 21, 2012

Because Even Hell Pit Abominations Get the Flu.....

I have a lovely Hellpit Abomination. It is based on a MacFarlane kids' toy. You can check it out here

However when you hangout with the guys from Clan Pestilens you never know when you might pick up a tickle in the throat. To that end I have been meaning to paint a second HPA for those weekends when #1 is having an off-day.

About a year ago I purchased "Flint-Flang" from Bane Legions. Surprisingly for Maelstrom, the figure was delivered almost straightaway (Maelstrom Games service having deteriorated horribly over the past 24-30 months). Here's the box art for the model:

The model has sat on my painting desk for almost a last week I picked it up and thought I would see how it painted up.

Here are some shots of the finished model:


  1. Gorgeous model Pete.

    Funny thing about Maelstrom, I'd heard they're getting slower and slower so i was a little nervous when I ordered some new paints. 5 business days it took to get to my door. Very odd. Sounds like consistency is an issue. Wondering if it's our post or their warehouse.

    1. Yeah very nice, not quite as crazy/twisted as yours or the GW one, but still a very nice and well painted model.

      From my experience Maelstrom's slow service (which is all product delivery related, their customer support is pretty solid otherwise) is for the most part limited to GW stuff (which isn't an issue any more). The GW stuff I ordered from them was pretty quick to arrive to start with, but degraded up until the embargo came into place. Anything non GW is still pretty quick, or at least is as quick as you would expect depending on if it is in/out of stock (understandably my order for 23 Malifaux Razorspine Rattlers took a while lol).

    2. Eleven months for two boxes of Wracks point to more than product delivery problems. I know the story about GW delivery but they just abandoned an offshore order for servicing a better long term prospect in onshore order. I can only go on actual experience :-) with three promises three months apart that the order was top of the list.

      Still Wayland got worse as they grew bigger too.

    3. Yeah your case is by far the worst case I have heard about, even with the embargo kicking in its still pretty shocking. I'm not claiming they are amazing by any means, I just find it weird that all their issues with slow service that I have encountered or heard about (both locally and online) are on GW items, there has to be some kind of connection there.

      Btw by product delivery I mean more than just shipping time, I mean the time it takes them to get it into stock, processed out and then delivered, which has multiple places it can be screwed up.

    4. Games Workshop have consistently degraded all internet retailers, not just Maelstrom. Apparently retailers are only allowed to order once per week, and after that it takes a week to get it in stock because of their delivery terms; if the item you're after isn't in stock, it therefore takes two weeks to get it sent.

    5. Yep...understand two weeks....I'll buy two months if backload.....eleven months is just sloppy though

  2. Nice Pete, love the rats crawling over its back.

  3. Yep +1 for the rats crawling up the back too...really nice touch.

  4. Quite like this model too. And mine also has been sitting in its box for about a year whilst I've been mulling over conversion ideas. Nice work there Pete.