Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mierce Miniatures Kickstarter

I have made a pledge for the Mierce Miniatures Kickstarter "Darklands - A World At War".

I am not too interested in the game they are selling but I do love the miniatures. As some of you will remember Mierce Miniatures were spun off from Maelstrom Games early last year. They were the Bane Legions product range. The ownership of Mierce is the same as that for Maelstrom and you have to get over that psychological and moral hurdle.

One thing that you can't deny though is how good the miniatures are.

Here is the pledge level I have committed to:

I am going for the Fomoraic Tarvax Monstrous Infantry set which gives me five Minotaurs plus four other character models (one a Doombull) and a Giant. That is costing me GBP87 (including postage) and is delivered in April.

I also earn the right to buy othermodels unlocked as part of the Stretch Goals - and from this I am getting Gorgon, Cyclops, Chimera. Manticore, Hierotitan plus other assorted characters at discounted price.

I purchased Flint-Fang (as my Hell Pit Abomination) and then Krull (as Bloodthirster) as Maelstrom went out of business. They are great models and I am very happy with the quality.

Details on the Kickstarter can be found here

It has three days to go and I expect further stretch goals to be unlocked as we approach the finish.


  1. So torn... I want the minotaurs but it's a bit much this month...but they are so nice...

  2. I am on board with it was well, the mini’s are fantastic

  3. You've an addiction to buy now James... your children are going hungry again aren't they!

    I'd like to get on board, but the process is not intuitive for someone that is unfamiliar with the kickstart gig. I went a certain way in, but couldn't figure out how to make it give me what it was I wanted (two things, but maybe you can't have two.. I dunno). I will study it further at home.

  4. I refuse to support a bunch of lairs and thief's.

    1. And that is an understandable stance given the history of Maelstrom

  5. GBP65,000



    Stretch Goals all hit - aiming for GBP 75,000 now - 64 hours to go

  6. I've got no idea what I've done, but I think I'm supporting this!

  7. I've bought in as well Pete (much to the chagrin of the WAU community), Minotaurs and Krull so far.

    - Aaron

    1. I understand the reluctance in supporting Rob Lane. However I also like the models and basically I'm prepared to put my feelings aside for what I think is a superior product. I'm also pledging for models with April 2013 delivery.