Sunday, February 3, 2013

Heresy Sons of Horus

Here is my finished first unit of the Sons of Horus.

After much gnashing of teeth about how I would rather be painting the deathguard, I really am happy with the way these guys look as a unit and look forward to doing an army of them.

As it's after 2AM and I am way more interested in this Shark documentary, my editing of the pics has been a little sloppy, but it will have to do!

Keen to hear your thoughts/comments.
- Charlie
You'll probably want to click this to make it bigger. "That's what she said".


  1. They effectively looks good, keep going with the good work. Can't wait to see more of it, especially a tank.

  2. Really nice Charlie..bases look good against the Teal (am I allowed to call it Teal or is it Turquoise?)

  3. Teal? Turquoise? If you acknowledge there is a difference you must turn in your mancard Peter.

  4. They do look good, Charlie. After seeing all these beautiful marines, I really have to finish mine. Two weeks til I can get all my stuff to The West Island...

  5. Looks great. I would suggest grabbing some modelmates rust effect liquid to use in combination with the rust weathering powder you use. It will give a more natural tone and even out the transitions between rusty & non rusty.

  6. they would be MORE awesome with battle damage created by the "chipping" technique.

  7. what colour did you use for the base green/blue please? im confused by the colours on citadel because of their new dry/base/layer system.