Sunday, February 3, 2013

Warlords - Back on the Chain Gang

My local club is the Wellington Warlords and I have been a member since 1998. In the early 00s I was on the Committee and in 2004 became President (as a result of an SGM that removed a dysfunctional Committee - you've gotta love wargaming politics).

I remained as President for 5 years and in that time membership grew to 120 members. In 2008 I stepped down and in the interests of fairness to the new Committee moved into the background. Over the past couple of years the Club has gone through hard times as membership fell and meeting attendance withered. From a weekly meeting - due to financial and attendance issues - the Club has reverted to its alternative Saturday meeting. There was a failed experiment with weeknight meetings but again these weren't sufficiently attended.

My own attendance has decreased to the point whereby I have only played one game at the Club in the past few years. The GW games, previously stalwarts of the Club, have dwindled and the inability to get a pickup game saw me turn my attentions elsewhere.

All clubs go through cycles as periods ebb and flow and people's real life circumstances change. I've found it very easy to organise games at home - with the benefit of better quality terrain and onsite espresso!

Yesterday the Club had its AGM. Membership has fallen to around 50 people and due to a number of factors the Club incurred a $1500 loss for the year. At the outset of the meeting I had no intention of getting more involved but as it proceeded I decided that I should make a renewed contribution. As a result I put myself forward for the Committee and was appointed.

So what am I going to focus on - the regrowth of the GW games at the Club. Ten years ago the interest in 40k at the Warlords - whether it was campaigns, multiplayer or tournaments - was unrivalled. Fantasy was a largely dormant period. Now both struggle at the Warlords. However Fantasy has a very vibrant scene here in Wellington with events regularly attracting 25+ participants. I'm going to see if I can grow the involvement at the Warlords leveraging off this.

Yesterday I sat and watched (advised) a couple of members playing a 1200 point game. One or two others showed interest and asked me about armies. Similarly there were 3-4 players having a game of 40k. Small acorns but I appreciate that time spent now will likely be rewarded with renewed interest in the period.

To encourage the regrowth subs were dropped to $40 for the year - about $1.50 per meeting - or about the cost of a Hero figure. I urge the local Fantasy players and 40k gamers to come along and try out the Warlords. If you want a game contact me here and I'll be happy to play you (or alternatively organise a game for you).

Really you haven't got a lot to lose - your first couple of meetings are free and then you can decide whether it is worth the $40 value for 12 months gaming.


  1. Yeah man! That's so awesome! Pete - putting the 'Warlord' back into Wellington!

  2. Hi Pete, I'd be interested in going and I'm looking for a club where I can fit a regular game in but I have two big limiting factors.

    1. I'm on call so need to be close to the Wellington CBD (although my range is improved a bit now from what it was).
    2. I generally work weekends and the odd one I do get off I save for tournaments.

    So with the above in mind where do the Warlords meet and at what time do the games usually run?

    Dave A.

  3. Thanks for stepping up Pete!

    Are they still planning on doing the wednesday nights as well?

    I'm all for getting a game or two of 40k in this year, and 40$ is totally worth the cost of admition.

    I've been swamped with the little one and going on a long drive (from Mana) to find out there's no one playing was killing my desire to make the trek.

    I'd enjoy reading about your efforts if you feel like documenting it ;)

  4. Be nice to see the Warlords become interesting again... If I ever think of having a 40k game, I consider the Kapiti club. Still a bit of a drive from Paremata though.
    I'd definitely consider looking at The Warlords, so I'd also be interested in seeing how you go.
    Blaise, where in Mana are you? Happy for a casual 40k game if you're interested.

    Long time lurker,

  5. just up the road on Mana View Road (in front of the new world) Flick me your details at blaise < at > geeky net

    would love a local game or two.

  6. The Kapiti Club has picked up a lot in the last year since a fairly robust reorganisation. We've got a tonne of 40kers, occasionally some FoW and 20MM WW2 stuff and usually 2 tables at least of Fantasy running after 7pm.

  7. Hi Pete. The Kapiti Club almost went the same way, but we are on a strong footing now. I've noticed quite of few of our members take part in the tournaments you organise. (My first outing will be at the teams event in 2 weeks' time). We are only slowly getting our act together with regards to tournaments etc.

    It may be worth putting resources together to promote both clubs and gaming in the region in general. (Dare I saw inter-club competition? )

    Drop me a note at hermanswargames < at > if you're keen. I have found a FB page ( and a club blog ( most useful, and new members have resulted from enquires from online sources.

    Herman (KWC Events organiser and webslave; longtime lurker too)

  8. Pete (and Herman)
    Do you guys have a calendar or schedule of gamedays/nights for the forseeable future?

    Blaise...sent you an email but if you didn't get it, try me at chaywood at xtra.



    1. Hi Craig. We have our AGM on Thursday, and will likely have our events and calendar up soon after that.
      Kapit Wargames Club game night every Thursday. Junior/inexperienced /newbie players 4pm onwards. Senior player (read experienced younger players too) 7-11pm. You can usually fit in a game or two.
      Saturday Games days still being planned, usually every 3 months or so, with mega games (large format) and swop meet once a year

      My Blogs:

  9. Warlords - 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of the month - 10am - 5pm

    KPC Church Hall - Ganges Road, Khandallah (opp. New World)

    1. Yeah unfortunately I'm usually 9-5 on the weekend so that won't work :(

      Dave A