Friday, February 8, 2013

Call to Arms - Wellington Warlords Annual Convention

The Wellington Warlords' annual convention, Call to Arms is being held on the weekend of 3/4 August at St. Pat's College, Kilbirnie in Wellington.

It will be offering a full range of tournaments plus participation and demonstration games.

Currently, the Warlords are looking for people to umpire the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k tournaments. The Warlords will be doing all the tournament organisation, we just require people prepared to umpire the event (on the Day responsibility plus design of tournament scoring and comp).

I have done the past two Call to Arms and I'm looking for a break this year. However happy to help with scoring software as well as providing the terrain for both events.

If you like to help out by umpiring either drop me a line here


  1. Thank-you for releasing the details this far out. The Warmachine/Hordes tournament last year was outstanding, especially in terms of organisation, prize support and the size and quality of the field. Definitely hoping to make it down again.

  2. It may be slightly off topic, but is there going to be a Fields of Blood this year?

    1. Probably not. I haven't played a game of 6th as yet so don't feel I'm in a position to do it. Offered the opportunity to two trusted mates but both have wives expecting new babies so it isn't a goer.

      I will be running a Horus Heresy event where to be fair is where my futuristic space conflict game interest currently lies.

  3. intended for delivering the important points. I agree with Fujin that Warmachine/Hordes tournament last year was really outstanding!