Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Daemons Confirmed For March

Games Workshop have confirmed Daemons for March release. I'm presuming it will be dual 40k and Fantasy effort as per 2008.

Official pictures/details this Saturday.


  1. So looking forward to this .Really hope the Khorne stuff looks cool so i can break out my all metal mono Khorne army again with some new toys.

    Also keen on seeing the new Nurgle fly's .

    A little pissed there won't be any GDs in the first wave,but i can live with that

    Roll on Saturday

  2. I'm sorry Mastercard, I'm so sorry :(

  3. YAAAY!!! (Maybe..)

    I hope at the very least the internal balance is tinkered with so that bloodletters aren't such an obvious choice. The rumours of across the board point increases is worrying, but at least there should be more variety and a few new toys to play with.