Thursday, February 28, 2013

Major Hobby Fail - Grrrr!

Over the past week I have basecoated my Deathshroud Terminators for my Heresy Death Guard Legion.

Once I finished the basecoat I sprayed them with Gloss Varnish ready for their oil wash. I started on the first one and noticed that the wash was affecting the base coat (ostensibly below the varnish) and as I removed the wash I was also removing paint.

Thinking it was a poor varnish I then brushcoated the remaining four with Gloss Varnish (three coats) and once dry tried the oil wash again. I got the same result though the extra varnish seemed to muffle the effect somewhat.

All five are now in Simple Green as I strip them back to bare resin.

I didn't have this when I did my Tactical Squad. All I can put it down to is preparation. The Terminators must have had more/stronger release agent on them. I did wash them though it appears not well enough.

Very frustrating.


  1. What are you using to mix the oils with?

    1. He's using Distilled Turpentine.
      I've not had the same problem whenever I have used it, but my resin cleaning stage is usually a good hours worth of scrubbing so I dunno :(

  2. The only thing i can think of is that your not letting the varnish dry long enough or the turps your using is to strong.I had this problem many years ago and it was because i was using crappy turps