Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Updated Hobby Set-Up

Over the last few weeks I have been tidying up my hobby area and making it more "useful". This has included moving my airbrush upstairs from garage along with its spray booth. I've also managed to retrieve my Netbook so I can follow Twitter, read blogs and watch hobby videos and TV shows (currently Archer and Vikings).

L-shaped computer desk - Lynne has the computer side with another module against wall. On it is spray booth. Vallejo paints are in background having been replaced by the new Citadel range. Washes in the MDF rack on the desk.

Black leather chair we bought for Lynne's workstation but she decided was too big. I use it instead of it being wasted :-) Two lights. One is fluorescent daylight strip the other a long life daylight bulb. 

Storage in side module below spray booth, compressor below the lights hidden out of sight. Netbook to right of spray booth.

 End kitchen cabinet shelves I have purloined for extra storage. It has all my chemicals and basing materials. It also has a hairdryer for getting rid of excess static grass. Next to it is my most recent purchase, an ultrasonic cleaner I got off Trade Me (more on that in the next few days).

The shelf below has my current primed models including a Terrorgheist, Krull the Mierce Bloodthirster and a Nurgle Skullcannon. Next to it is the 40k Ork army that Jack is painting for me in payment for his World Eaters (it's been 3.5 years but I'm still hopeful!).


  1. Hi Pete,

    Been looking into getting an Airbrush kit, compressor etc, just wondering if anyone has a clear preference for brands or value for money options?

    1. Charlie is the best person to ask but a good set up is an Iwata HP-C Plus airbrush and a compressor with separate tank. The compressor is around $150-200, airbrush is $225. My airbrush isn't as good - it is G23 Master ($90). Booth is around $120.

      So all up you should be able to spend $500 and have good setup.