Friday, May 24, 2013

WIP - A Flock of Festering Furies

Yesterday a box of Plaguebearers arrived in the mail. I had purchased these to create some "Nurgle" Furies for my Daemons. Two units of -1 to hit flyers, I feel will complement the Plague Drones.

Anyway a very simple conversion/kitbash. A box of PBs + Gargoyle Wings = 2 Units of Nurgle Furies.

The gargoyle wings fit straight on the shoulders of the PBs and were "welded" there with plastic glue.

Looking to paint them over the next week and then I'll get some shots up.


  1. I thought about doing this but thought it was more economical to use the spare plaguebearer heads on gargoyle bodies as well.

  2. Nice! Just built the Avatars of War Harpeis, more for my DE Army. Have a host of red GW Furies, but too Khornish . Papa nurgle is yearing for a unit of his own...