Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Horned Rat VI - Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

The Horned Rat Gobbo VI Warhammer Fantasy Tournament will be held on 22nd and 23rd June at Cashmere Avenue School in Khandallah, Wellington.

Once again the event has been attacked by the Greenskins and Chief Gobbo himself, Raymond Dick will be Umpire for the event.

The tournament is five rounds over two days using armies of 2400 points. Scenarios will be used. You can download the Players Pack here

Earlybird registration is $40 up to 18th May, after which it is $50. The small increase in tournament pricing over previous events reflects increased costs around hall and trophies.

To register you can drop me an email on


  1. It has been pointed out that there is no cap on Dark Elf Power Dice for individual spell. I'm not sure if that is Ray's intention given his past comments. I'll clarify and post here.

  2. Six sign-ups so far. It's no SCGT but it does have more permissive comp, scenarios and a BBQ