Friday, May 10, 2013

Horned Rat VI - The North Rises

Horned Rat VI is just over six weeks away and the registrations are starting to come in.

And it appears the North has awoken. As of this morning I have four registrations from members of the League of Extraordinary Nerdymen keen to do battle versus the southern forces. Henry Poor, Thomas van Roekel, Graeme Fry and camp follower Daniel Butler are all venturing to Wellington to test the mettle of the weak southerners.

There are currently 19 registrations and I am very hopeful that the northern invasion will stir the locals to defend their realm.

Remember Earlybird Registration of $40 is on up to 18th May, after which it rises to $50.

This is the first event that will see the new High Elves take the field and test their power.

As always you can download the Players Pack here


  1. That's it, count me in. I've got a hall pass.

  2. Can't expect Tom, Henry and Graeme to carry their own bags.. they're important people...

  3. Please, the only Norsemen that is coming to this thing will be me.

    Who else has been in -32 (oh, that's Celsius, talking to you Jeff ;D.) weather and has pissed their name in the snow?

  4. I will be there, register tonight.