Friday, May 17, 2013

Zuzzy Gaming Mats

Neil Williamson is looking to do an order for Zuzzy Gaming Mats. You can see them at the Zuzzy website but here is a picture of one:

If you are interested contact Neil here


  1. They look good, I had a look into them but the shippign price was abhorrent, best to get a whole bunch in for discounted shipping.

    1. I'll be using NZ post which should make it cheaper.
      Zuzzy will post to NZ post's warehouse in Portland free of charge if the order is $300+

    2. And if the order is $300+ NZ Customs will be very interested in inflicting some pain.

    3. Bill English is counting on this to get to his $75M surplus. We all have to do our bit for the NZ economy.

    4. Keep orders below USD 250 to avoid Customs charges and GST

  2. Played on one of these last weekend. Pretty cool tabletop. Took a tonne of paint to cover the whole thing (although, despite the warnings, he had used spraypaint which had coverage issues when you roll it up after it's dried, so a bit of respraying was needed). Gives your dice a bit of spring, but without the ear-splitting crash of the GW tables.
    What was nice was that it gripped the table better than the normal mats which needed pins to stop them from sliding around.