Monday, May 6, 2013

FOB NZ Rankings Updated

The FOB NZ Rankings have been updated.

Warhammer Fantasy

Horned Rat Gobbo V has fallen out of the rankings - reached its 12 month anniversary - which has had the effect of giving us a new #1. Tim Joss has regained the position he held before Runefang VI. The previous #1 has dropped to #19 but has taken the treasured Skaven icon with him.

The current Master drops to #11. Other than that their is little change except the Chaos Dwarf icon shifts from Sam Whitt to Richard Barby.

Warhammer 40k

Battle Above The Brynderwyns 2013 has been added to the mix. The winner of this, Nikola Jaksic, finally forces himself into Masters contention securing #12.

Little other change given that the event was minimum size at 12 participants.


  1. What result of yours dropped off Pete?

  2. Horned Rat V - worth 90 points...

    You were 4th so lost a result worth 81 points

    My only two events are Nicon (94 points- 1st) and Runefang VI (87 points -1st).

    NiCon this year is likely to be 72 points (12 people) so best I'll lose another 22 points. Need to play more events :-)

  3. Oh, and Chas/Chaz Roberts is on there twice