Monday, June 17, 2013

Horned Rat VI - My Top 5

So having perused the lists and having a pretty good idea of the individuals running them, here are my picks for the Top 5:

#5 - Peter Williamson -High Elves

Not the strongest list he could make but it has all the tools he needs to fail miserably against the actual contenders but go on a Day 2 Baby Seal killing spree to grab 5th spot.

More drops than any other list and toting the new coldness in the Frostheart Phoenix, Peter will be slipperier than a very slippery eel in a vat of lubricant.

#4 - Joel van de Ven-Long - Empire

I keep tipping Joel and he's got to come right at some stage. Personally think that this list is the best here and having so utterly crashed and burned at Runefang - enough to make him withdraw from Nicon - this is Last Chance Saloon for Joel. If he doesn't make Top 5 I expect the Empire army will be going into a box under his bed, he'll hang up the codpiece and break the High Elves, next time around.

There is very little Metal floating around so Joel's AS should be safe. I do suspect he'll come a cropper versus Dan Butler's WoC if they meet up.

#3 - Sam Campbell - Daemons of Chaos

Seriously Sam, you've taken the net list minus the Skullcannons and given the amount of Charmed Shields, Dragonhelms and Dragonbane Gems, they were never going to give you much payback. So that's 270 points to spend elsewhere. That's a big boost along with the Round One stepladder.

The big question is whether Epidemis will be sent to the Portaloo at any point over the weekend.

#2 - Thomas Van Roekel - Ogre Kingdoms

So what's better than one Gutstar? Two Gutstars. This, coupled with the risk-free set up on characters plus the optimal Mournfang set-up makes Thomas one of the two to beat this wekend.

Depending how heavy his Saturday night is, I can see Thomas flicking on the cruise control Sunday morning and riding all the way to the podium.

#1 - Dan Butler - Warriors of Chaos

It's hard to believe that some people actually think that this new book is weaker than the old one. It oozes power out of every pore.

And now the Big Man has popped his cherry by winning Nicon, perhaps winter really is coming. This could be the Year of the Dan and for 29 lucky participants they'll be able to say they were part of history.

As for the others I could say why I think they will not be contenders but I think they are likely to suffer enough trauma over the weekend without me laying out the harsh realities here.


  1. Net list my arse, I been running this since day 0.

    Dan's list got the nasty Nurgle DP I don't want to buff if I play him.

    1. if by day 0 you mean when the list came out on the net. Then yes. Those Bloodletter hordes must have been D-?

    2. Day 0 = release date of new army book. Those bloodletters Hordes are definately before christ.

    3. If by "this" you mean most powerful god at the time, then yes I agree.

    4. chaos is a state of flux = fluffy.

  2. I don't have a Nurgle DP, that's for Netlister's :D Although, thanks to the PPD (Pete Prediction of Death), I will strive to come top half. I'll push some toys around, stuff will happen, this much I do know.

    1. Ah k my mistake, I like the other WOC amy better than yours.

  3. Don't agree with Tom in 2nd place....he'll face Chaos Dwarves final round and come 18th. However, I have to say that Henry's list is far superior and his skill level is greater than Tom's by a factor of five (expect him to podium in the hearts and minds of all gamers). Additionally, he has broken etiquette of The League of Extraordinary Nerdymen and hasn't named any of his units or characters...his wargaming soul is forever in last place.

  4. "Peter will be slipperier than a very slippery eel in a vat of lubricant"


    Your top 5 is pretty accurate, but don't forget about your self Pete :D. (I realize rating your self would have a been a bit silly, so I'll do it instead :D.)I trust that I'll see you on the podium. 1st or 2nd perhaps?

    1. Too much weights, not enough speed-work!

    2. Oh Pete, you don't look a day past 25!

    3. Greasing!... Mate, I'm just an awesome fella trying to be nice is all.

  5. "So what's better than one Gutstar? Two Gutstars" - Pete

    My thoughts exactly!! I didnt even need to read the internet to figure that one out.

    I think there is a really strong field for this weekend and those who make it into the top 10 will have probably earn't it.

    Id watch out for Mr. Dunn and Mr. Butler though.
    Pete's turned up with a merciless Skaven list but im sure if you ask nicely he will let you keep 1 point out of the 20.
    And Dan may play with a seductive smile of slaanesh but his heart burns with Khornes fury

  6. I 2nd Chaoswolf on the dredded PPD. Thanks for the vote of confidence in the list...and good to see a field where I can (hopefully) dodge "draw zone" skink clouds and dwarfs. Positive hammer is the best warhammer!

  7. I humbly accept the thanks of those in the Top 10 who I shall give my BP to by the act of submitting myself and my High Elves for a weekend of sustained pantsing. Remember without the opponents whom you grind into the dust with your obviously over powered and horribly broken books coupled with your unfathomable ability to develop tactics other than Charge left, Charge right or Charge straight your victories would be as unfullfilling as the lives of those dismal few who do not yet own a Dwarf army...