Sunday, June 16, 2013

Race Breakdown for Horned Rat VI

The Umpire has released the lists to participants but has asked that they are not posted until later today. You will be able to check back then to see them.

However in the interim here is the race breakdown of the 30 participants:

5 - Warriors of Chaos, High Elves
4 - Orcs & Goblins
3 - Ogre Kingdoms, Skaven
2 - Lizardmen, Dark Elves
1 - Daemons of Chaos, Tomb Kings, Empire, Dwarfs, Vampire Counts, Chaos Dwarfs

A few interesting observations. It is great to see that a lot of previously misguided folks have left their Dwarfs at home and thought about their opponents' enjoyment. However, as they say, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree and they have either picked up Chaos Dwarfs or piled into the wardrobe and come out wearing High Elf finery.

Warriors and High Elves make up a third of the field. Great to see the new books get a run and it will give us a better guide to their strength post event. Both are essentially uncomped and I'm hoping that we get some reinforcement of that view - good players do well, middling players do middling etc


  1. I just know I'm going to forget about the magic phase at least 3 times this tournament, have done it twice already with practice games...

    Simon S

    1. Well if you play me Simon, I wont be reminding you , ;). Your friend Sam.

  2. I see that three anti-social sods have still brought Skaven though. I suspect there'll be a spike in Grandma muggings and kids with stolen lollies in Khandallah next weekend.