Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Retreading the Realm of Battle Gameboard

My Gameboard gets pretty heavy use with typically two games a week on it. I bought it at the end of 2008 and painted and flocked it with static grass early in 2009.

Well after fours years of use the service was starting to show some wear. I took the opportunity last weekend to re-apply static grass. It was a bigger job than I thought it would be going through 0.4kg of grass (though a third was recoverable). Part of the reason was I used the Grasstech II Static Grass Applicator I purchased earlier this year. This causes the grass to stand end on end rather than lying flat.

It has resulted in a really thick verdant feel to the board. Here's some shots:


  1. Very impressive, it does give a thick look to it. I see you have your new favourite piece of terrain on it also.

  2. It's no coincidence that there is a vacuum cleaner in the background after dealing with this much static grass, is it?

    1. I know this was two years ago, Im wishing to do same with my realm gameboard as static grass has faded in sunlight on 4 boards I mainly use and so now is different colour from my other two, what did you use for glue and how did it handle gluing on top of the already there static grass.