Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Phoenician - Absolutely Staggering

"The mercurial and prideful Fulgrim, the Phoenician, strove to be a paragon of all things. He passed on his values to his Legion, where they became enshrined as a remorseless dedication to perfection in warfare. Such all-consuming ambition came at the price of vainglory and hubris for both the Emperor’s Children Legion and their master, and they were swiftly ensnared in the Warmaster’s conspiracy. 

Modelled in the thick of bloody combat, his arrogance and condescension given way to fratricidal anger and battle-born wrath, this dynamic miniature showcases the full opulence of Fulgrim’s panoply. The miniature comes supplied in a handsome presentation box, and features a large 60mm scenic base, itself packed with detail, into which a 40mm base sits, allowing for both display and gaming use."

Jack sent me through a "Wow" last night and I went searching on the Forgeworld site. He wasn't wrong. This model has to be one of the best single figures I have seen.

If there was any doubt that Heresy-era Emperor's Children would be my next army, there's not now.

Here is an interview with Simon Egan the sculpter of the piece.


  1. Pete if you get that fig i'd be keen to see a few pics of the parts in the box.

  2. Absolutely amazing figure. Can't wait to see what they do with the other major characters/primarchs.

  3. Any hints as to when the 2nd Horus Heresy book from FW is coming out?