Monday, June 24, 2013

Fields of Blood NZ WHFB Rankings Updated

The FOB Rankings have been updated for Horned Rat VI and as you would expect there has been some major changes. You can check the latest rankings by clicking the link on the banner.

We have seen four new people enter the Top 20 - Wil Hoverd, Thomas Roekel, Locky Reid and Tane Woodley - while there have been some changing of places.

A Masters spot now costs just over 205 points and will continue to escalate through the year.

With the icons:

  • Ogre Kingdoms - shifted to Wil Hoverd from Paul Dalton
  • Skaven - shifts to Hamish Gordon from Dave Appleby
  • Dwarfs - Tane Woodley picks it up from Simon Switzer
  • Changeling (Most Different Armies) - goes to Neil Williamson
Next events are Tin Soldier in Auckland and then Panzershreck in Palmerston North. These will be followed by Call to Arms in Wellington.


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry Sam, you know I had gone only momentarily to check on the lower ranks and see that they were ok, I'm back now :D and the Old Rat is coming back soon too.

    2. Hey Dan, forgot to show you what I was talking about re: railroading and closing the door. Will e-mail you tomorrow.

      Also congrats to the runners and riders

  2. Has the south on results be sent to you yet Pete?