Friday, June 28, 2013

Whispers of Emo Fear & Loathing in Q4

It is pretty much expected that Lizardmen are the next WHFB book - sometime in Q3 2013. However we are now getting the first glimpse of what will follow them on the WHFB production line.

Dark Elves.

The talk is that we will see the Naggarothi before the end of the year.

Rumoured is a plastic kit that creates either Black Guard or Executioners and another dual kit producing a Witch Elf Cauldron or another variant. There is talk of it having an effect like the Engine of the Gods whereby it inflicts attacks on units within a certain distance.

I'm not sure what other models need doing. I guess I must be one of the few people in the world that like the current Witch Elf models - in fact I used them as Daemonettes in my Emperor's Children ahead of the Juan Diaz sculpts.

Anyway I'm really excited about the Dark Elves getting an update. Although I've never played them, they are one of my favourite armies in the Warhammer World.


  1. Good news for us Druchii players! The Black Guard and Executioners are certainly due for an overhaul. (Maybe also a points reduction to bring them more in line with other races?)I agree about the current Witch Elves, I quite enjoy them too. I also run a few of the older punky ones for fun... I would expect that the cauldron would become more mobile/monstrous. I would suspect that we would also see some form of monstrous cavalry and/or new monster

  2. Seriously? There are still 3 army books from 6th edition kicking around. Are we to believe that Wood Elves, Bretonnians and Dwarfs are actually never going to get new army books and will eventually fall out of the game altogether? Every time they get overlooked for yet another far more recent army, it feels a step closer to happening.

    And I like the Witch Elf models too. They're probably a large part of the reason I have a Dark Elf army waiting for some attention in the cupboard. Despite having at army, I would still far rather see GW suck it up and breathe some life into the Dwarfs.

  3. I like the image, it really captures the essence of drucchi; evil, spiteful, malicious but stylish as hell. Like the SS, if you're into patent leather boots and black uniforms (and who isn't....). Is from deviant art?

    As for a Dark Elf book, any new book is a good thing and it'd be nice to see the back of the Pendant, Sacrifical Dagger and the current Cauldron of Blood. But seriously, they must have a massive mental block around Wood Elves, Brettonians and Dwarves. How hard can it be? Dwarves at least are easy if what they're after is a new army style and some kits. Give us some form of magic, better combat, some movement options and tone down the shooting and anti-magic. Throw in some golem Monsterous Infantry, a steam chariot and an Arachnorak size Living Ancestor and you're good to go.

    Even if they're struggling for ideas with the Asrai and Brets, a simple repointing and a couple of shoehorned units would be enough surely. If Demigryphs can just suddenly pop into existance, I'd have thought an ethereal host of Grail Knights or centaurs or Unicorn cavalry can too.

    I really struggle to understand GW sometimes. I suspect I'm not the only one.

  4. Dark Elves need new models for dark riders, chariots and others parts in the current range including the Cauldron.

    The Cauldron needs new rules even if it becomes the DE version of the warshrine or the screaming bell, that would be better than having the idol of the god of murder unable to charge.

    I don't like the idea that every army has to ahve a unit in every class. That's not how historic armies worked. High elves didn't get monster cav so not sure that DE and WE would either. I can see DE getting more monsters (as did HE) either ridden or unridden. Manticores with upgrades would become useful and if you can have unridden monsters like chimeras then why not for DE?

    People on want units of drugged slaves to feed into combat but I don't think that fits the DE army.

    I can see the chariot kit getting alternate horse and cold one mounts with the horse chariot being core.

    it will be intersting to see what GW come up with.

    BTW the picture is "Black Guard Apriant" its one of the cards from the FFG.

  5. "I guess I must be one of the few people in the world that like the current Witch Elf models..."

    No accounting for taste. Dark Elves have such a cool mythos, but the GW figures are just fucking horrible.

    Now these are what Witch Elves should look like:

    Of course, painting these is likely to lead to me sleeping on the couch...


    Paul G