Friday, June 14, 2013

Horned Rat/Gobbo Approaches

We are now one week out from Horned Rat Gobbo VI and the list deadline is tomorrow.

I submitted my list on Monday - after a few last minute tweaks - and am looking forward to seeing the collated lists when they are released. The event has attracted thirty participants and the field looks strong.  Once the lists are released I'll give my thoughts. I'm guessing we will see High Elves, Warriors and Orcs & Goblins as the most represented races.

The last few days I've been putting together more terrain for the event - all financial surpluses from previous events are put back into terrain - and I'm very confident that we'll have some nice looking tables on which to contest our battles.  One thing I will say is that those crying out for walls, well your pleas have been heard!


  1. Thankyou Wallfather, the Wallsaves are appreciated. I shall keep a tally of how many I pass.

  2. There is always a need for walls. Winter is coming.

    1. I'm pretty sure "Winter is Here" .....well if you're a Stark it is :-)

    2. Stop ruining it for me!!!!!!

  3. Walls are good for Papa Nurgle. He smiles upon you and shakes his fist at those who would stoop low enough to take cannons.

  4. Pete

    List deadline is today; the pack says the 14th
    Still waiting on a few

  5. Right, when I get home, gotta send in my list!

    Simon S.