Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Horned Rat VI - Top 5 "Most Interesting" Lists

Okay, yesterday I picked the podium getters and I can feel the smoke seething out of Otaki and Palmy that some players didn't even warrant a mention.

Perhaps they'll fare better in today list of the "Most Interesting" armies at Horned Rat. Who am I kidding? We know that both just downloaded a "LEET" list from Warseer and showed little or no independent thought. If they were Tyranids they'd be hive workers given their level of autonomy.

Here however is the list of armies I found most interesting:

#5 - Harry Dixon - Tomb Kings

Harry has been in Midwest USA and is likely to be a little rusty. However he has come up with what looks like it could be a very offensive TK list. He won't want to see any of the Skaven armies but I can see the Casket playing havoc with some of the Ogres and perhaps even the Warriors of Chaos.

The army has been written off in some quarters but with 3 big monsters, well I think it can surprise.

#4 - Neil Williamson - Orcs & Goblins

Neil's list has more characters than Dan Butler's has models - almost.

It looks sooo big on paper but I suspect it is held together by rubber bands and sticking plasters. If it works, it will work spectacularly. If it doesn't well I think it will implode spectacularly.

There does have to be a question mark over an Umpire whoallows Neil to bring such a big army. I'm guessing Ray will have to sit at Neil's table to ensure they start Turn 3.

#3 - Tane Woodley - Dwarfs

Pete Dunn in Dwarf revelation shocker.

Who would have thought that I would show a passing interest in a Dwarf list. Tane's list has only a couple of drops and focuses around his scouts and Miners. The acorn doesn't fall too far from the tree and so on top of having 2x PD +3 Dispel Dice, Tane has brought two scrolls. He also couldn't resist runing up his cannons.

While I think this list would work in say Peter williamson's hands, the key is to use Ancient Power to move three units a turn. Now Tane is a Dwarf through and through and that sort of risk is just crazy talk.

#2 - Graeme Fry - High Elves

Nicely themed list with surprising punch. Graeme is bringing the Everqueen, her handmadien and 15 Sisters of Avelorn.

This will scare the bejesus out of A-bombs, Chimeras etc and with three supporting infantry blocks, heaps of shooting and plenty of re-directors this could be a fun ride.

#1 - Henry Poor - Orcs & Goblins

Not since the day of theme points for 40k have I seen somebody name every unit - but Henry has done it.

This Goblin army is supported by Trolls and Giants (two of them!!!) and led by Grom the Paunch.

If Henry isn't the "People's Champion" this weekend then there is no romance left in Warhammer. I'd love him to win the event, however my head says that it's going to be a long weekend.

If Sports starts with list construction, then Henry is a short-priced favourite for Best Opponent!


  1. Thanks for putting the Dwarves in your 'most interesting' list. I'm sure it didn't cause actual physical pain to do so, but it must have required considerable thought.....

    Sadly, I only get 2 DD, according to the comp-pack; 1 is wasted. Enough to dent a magic phase, but not kill it (though that's what the two Spellbreakers are for, I couldn't resist).

    Ancient Power...... It's seductive, but it has the sort of unrealiability that Skaven machines are meant to have (but rarely do). Ancient Power sits in a box with a glass panel marked 'Desperate Times Only Dude!'

  2. Haha Ok Pete I will bite. I don't think there is a real "net list" for Dark Elves at the moment, but there are a few good builds. I think I have selected a good all round force that will compete in all phases well.

  3. Sam Campbell's list is Daemons of Chaos. Or is it Dark Elves as in the draw?

  4. Pretty sure I named all of my units for my Dark Eldar at Fields last year Pete, though I did just blatantly rip David Bowie songs for the unit names.

  5. The Nerdymen:
    1-2 for Top Lists
    1-2 For "Most Interesting"
    Best Club. Ever.

  6. Yaay - I've made a top five list.
    Well its great to make one of your top 5 lists Peter.
    I never realised I was so windswept and intersting and full of character.
    I'm bringing a glue stick along as well as the rubber bands and "hero" plasters.
    No problem with time. Two and a half hours is plenty of time for me to deploy my army, have a cup of tea, chat about the weather, have a wee, and roll a dice to see who wins. Then pack the army away, rush over to the next table, apologise for being late and start all over again.
    Exploding or imploding, Goblins will always be fun.