Monday, June 10, 2013

Warpfire - New One-Day Warhammer Fantasy Event

Happy to announce that Warpfire will be held on Saturday 14th September at Cashmere Avenue School, Khandallah, Wellington.

Warpfire is a five round 1000 point event that will use scenarios. A Players Pack is being prepared over the next couple of weeks and will be released before the end of the month. Earlybird registration will be $25


  1. Thats the same weekend as Guardcon in Auckland

    1. Haven't seen any publicity for Guardcon....but wasn't heading up anyway.

    2. According to Cityguard who are running it, Guardcon is on 21/22 September so it would appear you are incorrect.

    3. Did they change it again...

    4. Perhaps they'll change it on the day :-)

      Venue, date.....

    5. Or go for the hat trick. 3 venues in a weekend

    6. I was having a head ache trying to figure out a list to face broken Skaven. I guess my power creep High elves will have a easier time at the two big tournaments coming up in Auckland Tempest and GuardCon if you're not there Pete. They'll be close to max ranking points too so good chance for me to drag my butt from the blechers in rankings this year.

      Nerdycon being are one dayer was pretty attractive but having seen the cool packs for both Tempest and Guardcon I'm still going for the two day tournament and get bang for my buck.

      First time I get to go to a big convention as a player. so amped !


    7. Saving pennies and brownie points for Adepticon.

      Good luck with both events

  2. Thanks for filling the void between CTA and Skitterleap.
    A 1000 pointer will be interesting.