Friday, June 14, 2013

Warhammer Quest - An Apology of Sorts

The number of updates of this blog over the past fortnight has dramatically diminished as a result of the release of Warhammer Quest on iOS.

I've managed to spend 35-40 hours traversing dungeons on various quests. Both the packaged scenario and the Skaven expansion have now been completed. I managed this with the four basic characters and in the process picked up the game's rarest item in my penultimate adventure.

Heartily recommend the game to anyone with an iProduct but be warned as with most electronic games you will lose time.

My only reservation about the game was the disquiet I had with the Skaven expansion. The only beings that should kill Skaven are other Skaven.

However as a result of the game it has made me want to get out my Poisoned Wind Globadiers and use them on the tabletop.


  1. 40hours on warhammer quest isn't to bad.What ever you do don't buy Skyrim or that 40 hours will turn into 400 hours very fast :))

  2. I have to say after spending about 25 hours playing, i was slightly disappointed when i found out you can only go as high as lvl 6 :(