Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jobs Half Done

One of my biggest disappointments with Games Workshop over the last 12 months or so has been with regard to the issuance of FAQ.
About 18 months ago there was great fanfare that FAQs for the two core games would be issued regularly; the Studio had dedicated resource to doing this etc.
And for 6-9 months they did. The customer was happy, the feedback positive…..You'd go on forums or blogs and people would be glowing (myself included). GW had turned a corner re their rules support.
However it was a false dawn. We have now had nothing since mid last year. Very simple clarifications required for the Lizardmen Book, the Dark Elves haven't eventuated nor have unanswered questions that had backed up in regards of previous books.
GW, have rightly been congratulated for upping the speed of the release schedule. However they have failed miserably in providing ongoing rules support. Yet again they have been seen to overpromise and under deliver (same with the relaunch of White Dwarf, the introduction of Finecast and so on).
They make it easy for the critics to deliver pot-shots by failing at some simple things. They compound that situation when they make great fanfare re their intentions. If you wish to remain objective you find that GW Central Office are great… providing regular doses of disappointment.
Must be hard for the frontline staff who have to trot the company line "This is great news…." Knowing that their customers are going to be let down.

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  1. It has been disappointment, the lack of FAQ's. Particularly when they are pushing the digital sales of the books and the dataslates etc.

    As GW perceive this as a hobby game my guess would be they expecting people to house rule everything.