Friday, January 17, 2014

Ruination Tomorrow

So tomorrow Ruination kicks off the 2014 Tournament Year.

I'm really appreciative that this event has been supported by the local community. It is a tournament I've wanted to run for a few years but have never progressed until now.

The genesis of a 4000 point event comes from my attendance at Kompleat Fanatic in Melbourne in 2007. This event was run by long time Victorian GW Head Honcho  Andrew Long. Using early 7th Ed rules I used 4000 points of Ogres. Other players had allied armies but I was lucky enough to play against 4000 points of O&G in one game and 4000 points of Lizards in another. I have fond memories of a unit of three Rhinox Riders destroying a 2nd Gen Slaan and 26 Temple Guard in a single round of combat. I also remember them fleeing off the board as a result of panic.

Anyway what struck me was the grandeur of the armies. They were big, really big. And that's what I hope we achieve this weekend. Big Armies and big battles with significant events that people remember long after the dust has settled.

And there will be pictures Monday.

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