Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Clan Skyre Sabotage

I'm getting the feeling that Seerlord Morskitta is currently having to operate under budgetary constraints. That (or Clan Skyre sabotage) can be the only explanation for the mishaps that have befallen him recently.

In particular I believe he has purchased a dodgy batch of Doomrockets. At Ruination over the weekend the "Magic" weapon misfired in three of the four games. In the other it clipped two models of its target unit. What a waste of 30 points. Surely it must be a concession to take it?

But perhaps it's not the products themselves but instead the Clan Skyre suppliers. Morskitta set up a beautiful and wondrous shot with one of the Warp Lightning Cannons - strangely the one Skyre supplied the night before - and yet it misfired destroying two Plague Claw Catapults and 25 Stormvermin with a misdirected beam.

Oh how we loled.........Not

1 comment:

  1. Swedish comp should add points for it. Dropping it from the list?

    You never know what you're going to get when you fire something with skaven.