Sunday, January 26, 2014

GW Confirms "New" White Dwarf Rumours

White Dwarf, now weekly.
Available exclusively through Games Workshop stores, independent retailers, and White Dwarf is an exciting and essential weekly hobby magazine that contains something for every hobbyist, every week - guaranteed!
·    36 pages of everything that is exciting and new in the hobby this week.
·    Detailed information on all the week’s other new releases, and the latest hobby news.
·    New features, new modelling and painting techniques, new rules, new columnists and much more.
·    All this every week for the same price as a single Citadel pot of paint!
Issue No.1 launches Saturday 1st Feb and subsequent issues follow every Saturday
Warhammer: Visions, now monthly.
Experience a visual feast of super high-quality Citadel Miniatures.  In more than 230 pages you’ll find a completely new take on the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 in a stunning new extended pictorial style.
·    Contains all your favourite sections from Army of the Month and Blanchitsu, to Kit Bash and Paint Splatter.
·    Over 70 more pages than the previous monthly White Dwarf with more Golden Demon and Armies on Parade photos and more fantastic photographs of Citadel miniatures than ever before.
And it’s wrapped up in a fabulous new format that you will want to keep and collect! Issue No.1 out Saturday 1st February

So we now have a weekly White Dwarf to coax us into the Hobby Centres and hopefully trigger that part of the brain that initiates impulse purchases. The weekly is hard copy only - not digital.

What this may mean is that we could see more splash releases of models away from the main monthly release as GW has 4 weeks to fill. This would clear some of the backlog of releases that the Studio is likely to have generated. It also immediately monetises this backlog which is something I suspect GW is keen on.

We had the fanfare or a White Dwarf re-launch 15 months ago. I hope that the delivered product offers more this time.

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  1. It was confirmed on the 20th on their blog
    GW have also stated in that blog post there will be digital editions of both mags FYI