Friday, January 17, 2014

WHFB Event Calendar

The observant amongst you will see there is now a Warhammer Fantasy Events Calendar tab on the FOB banner

You can click there and see upcoming events here in New Zealand with information on venue, points, comp, umpire and a contact.

I've populated the calendar with those events (and details) I know.

If TOs/Umpires would like their event promoted then just send me the details. All I ask is that you have the venue and date confirmed before you do.


  1. Al the best ideas are the simplest.
    Nice layout - Sheila I very pleased - I've book marked it for her.

  2. Hi Pete. I'm not the umpire for nats. John from comics compulsion is.


  3. If the remaining menu space is used for my email and internet banking, then I will truly need no other site :D