Monday, January 13, 2014

Taking Triumph & Treachery For A Test-Drive

On Sunday Peter and Neil Williamson, Mike King, Ryan Lister and myself had a game of GW’s Warhammer Expansion: Triumph and Treachery. For those that don’t know this is a set of rules to play multiplayer games where each person fights their own corner.

We decided to use 1200 point armies with Peter using High Elves, Mike Lizards, Neil Bretonnians, Ryan warriors of Chaos and me, Skaven. It was interesting to see the makeup of people’s armies:

Peter – Level 4 (Beasts), 20ish Spearmen, 5 Shadow warriors, 5 Reavers, 10 Silver Helms and a Frostie.

Ryan – Slaanesh Lord, 16 Chaos Warriors, two Slaanesh Chariots, a Spawn, 5 Hounds and a Hellcannon

Mike – Scar-Vet on Cold-One, 24ish Saurus, 3x 10 Skink skirmishers, Skrox block, 2 Salamanders

Neil – Bret Lord, Paladin BSB, 2 KotR Lances, 30 Men at Arms, 5 Yeoman

Me – Warlord, BSB, Level 2, Level 1, 22 Stormvermin, 2x 35 Slaves, 8 Gutter Runners, Hell Pit Abomination

So a real mix of troop types. Peter was the odd man out and while the rest of us deployed in the corners, he was forced between Neil and Mike. The scenario played rewarded the person nearest the table centre point with 100 MPs per turn.

The game was great fun and while there wasn’t much treachery there was a lot of hilarity. Some of the memorable moments were:

  • A Hellcannon misfire that hit Peter’s Silver Helms killing 8 out of 10
  • A Slaanesh Chaos lord who never fought a combat
  • Mike’s relentless pursuit of the Phoenix that wiped out a unit of skinks and salamanders Turn One. He chased it down and finally poisoned it to death.
  • Neil’s Bretonnian Lord HKBing the Hell Pit only for it to get up with 6 wounds and kill the Lord and his unit
  • A very strange Doomrocket shot misfire that killed 16 Stormvermin.....very strange
  • The Bret Pegasus unit that charged the lone Skaven BSB and lost their Champion before killing him in the second round. They were then destroyed by the lone Warlord with Weeping Blades and a Potion of Strength
  • Ryan picking up Peter's Spearmen and Mage Lord on the last turn to jump from 5th to 2nd.
However Peter W was the clear winner slowly accumulating points throughout the game despite being hammered in the last few turns. At the end he had less models left on the table but plenty of money in his paychest.

Overall it was a great afternoon of gaming. And there are still more scenarios to try.

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