Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ruination Results

Ruination - 4000 points of Mayhem - was played on the weekend. Four rounds using Battleline and Blood & Glory scenarios.

Here are the results:

Tom and Raymond fought out a tough 10-10 in the last round while Jeff - strangely avoiding all the Dwarfs - was fast-finishing in 3rd.

Mike King picked up Best Sport.

Thanks to Jeff for umpiring and to all the players for making it a great gaming weekend.

EDIT: Apparently the result of Hagen vs Stuart was not entered and so their point totals are incorrect. Hagen scored 38 points placing him 11th while Stuart totalled 22 points (unchanged placing)


  1. An excellent tournament Pete, nearly as good as the NZTC. I like Warhammer on a larger scale, it's more cinematic.

    Next time I'll bring something less gunliney, I promise.....

    Final thing, I thought I only got 44 BPs (9-11 vs Mike, 14-6 vs Neil, 12-8 vs Hugh and 9-11 vs you). Unless I remember wrong, or I got extra BPs for being such a good bloke, I think there may have been a miscalculation somewhere.

    1. It was 8-12 v me, but my overall total is correct at 44, 12 (Tane), 10 (Pete), 8 (Neil) and 14 (Simon).

      Agree it was great event.

    2. I must have gotten 43 points then, that also sounds right.

    3. Think there must has been gremlins in the laptop. My BPs according to my recollection was a massive 22, go the mighty beasts (4-16 vs Ray, 5-15 vs Hagen, 3-17 vs Simon, 10-10 vs Ryan). Certainly not going to change my position, and hopefully will not adversely influence others.

      Good tournament. It was great to empty out the display cabinet and field all my minotaurs.

    4. I seem to remember Jeff having to quickly recreate the tables on Sunday when his computer crashed, so there is a good chance some of the results could be a little off. For example I won all 5 of my games 20-0...

    5. Check your hotmail account Tane

    6. OK, thanks for that, I understand the results now. I appreciate your efforts.