Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Over There - UK's Mohammer Updated

One of the more popular comp packs in the UK last year was the so-called Mo-Hammer pack. It has just been updated and you can see the latest iteration here

It's interesting to see how other locales view the meta. There is no comment in this as to scoring systems but it seems to have been designed for 20-0 scoring.

Certainly his take on armies - and the feedback on The Warhammer Forum where it was posted - would differ from that of some NZ players. However we should always be mindful that given the size of our community player skill potentially has a greater impact on tournament results.

Anyway have at it.


  1. Looks far to heavy comp.
    The balancing between armies seams haphazard as well.
    You would think hard caps OR points cap would be enough, but this is all over the place.

    I much prefer the latest SCGT pool comp system over this

    1. Without going into the specifics of the comp pack, Jossy, the intention always was that it was to be heavier than SCGT comp to stop the rampant netlisting (otherwise whats the point of making it...), as such it would be much heavier than NZ comp.

      Clearly not for you, but I can see the merit in forcing some changes on the traditional tournament levels, especially in the UK, where at the time this was first proposed (1-2? Years ago?) It was pretty much all SCGT hard caps and getting very stale...

    2. Still dosnt justify the feel that it is all over the place. Its 2 types of comp rolled into one pack and dosnt address anything as far as netlisting goes

  2. Too many thoughts to write down. I think it's heading in the right direction, but needs some culling.

    I don't think any army should be at 2,200 points; Daemons, Dark Elves and Warriors are being double-penalised, losing their best stuff and suffering a points hit. Just limit their toys.

    I think Wood Elves, Tomb Kings and Beastmen do deserve the extra points, their units seem to be generally overcosted and this compensates for that to a degree.

    I don't like the LOS for the killer spells.

    Shooting cap is OK, and 4 War Machines is fine.

    I like the limit on Beasts, and that you can take double Skullcannon if you run mono-Khorne. Maybe that should be double Skullcannons if you have a Bloodthirster or Khorne Daemon Prince, to at least allow Horrors and Heralds for some support magic.

    I like the limit on 10 only Warlocks, but not on Dark Rider units. Avoidance cav armies is a Dark Elf thing, let them take it.

    I like the Book and Scroll or Banner limit on High Elves, those items are too cheap for what they do.

    I like that Ogres can take double Ironblasters if no Slaughtermaster, and the pool with Mournfangs.

    Warriors comp looks good, though I think we don't need the chariot limit here, due to playing the scenarios. Great that the 3+ Ward with reroll 1s is gone.

    Finally, fantastic to see BSBs allowed to take their mundane items, though that now only affects two books rather than three.

    Overall, not bad, but needs some pruning.

  3. Seems okay to me, like any comp system there are specific restrictions I may not agree with and don't get the look out sir on WMD spells but I'd give it a go.

    Really don't see why DE only get 2200 pts, and HE 2400 pts, the power of two books is about equal as far as I'm concerned.

    1. Dark Elves won UK Masters (I think?) + Warlock buses are all the rage. For all the internetz complaints about the book, the banner and frosties they havnt exactly overturned the meta or dominated the scene.

      Not that I agree- but I think that might be part of the reason.

      oh and *insert rage-quitting rant about the "nerfing of Empire*...that's what you're supposed to do when reviewing a comp pack right?

      Joel v

  4. It's an interesting look, though I'm still of the opinion that less is more when it comes to comp and this system is needlessly heavy. Especially the more the 8th ed books come out the more they can kick each other to pieces and less comp restrictions are required rather than more.

    Some of this comp seems to be aimed and denying builds pre tournament rather than adapt on the table which seems to be a bad goal for composition.