Monday, March 10, 2014

Adepticon Planning

Next cab off the rank for me is Adepticon at the start of April. I am playing in three competitions - Horus Heresy, WHFB Teams and WHFB Championships.

I have no expectations for the HH event, rather I am using it as the motivation to get my Death Guard army largely finished. This is taking up my hobby time and I am hopeful I'll have all bar Typhon finished painting this week. I had disaster over weekend and had to strip my half painted LTS after I wasn't happy with state of primer and armour base coat.

The Teams event I am playing with John Mathews and will likely run a small DoC list. Easy to transport and pretty much plays itself. List is written, I just need to tidy up models.

Finally there is the Championship. I'll be using my Skaven and have been looking at lists that best fit the scoring of the comp. It is WDL with only 100 point margin required for victory. However there are objective points so I need to be able to claim them. Reading old scenarios has helped the process. The other consideration is that while the event is no-comp the Midwest has this quaint habit of marking comp through already subjective sports scoring. I've decided to err on the side of safety when constructing list. The good thing is that there is not much to paint....unless I decide to do display board which seems almost mandatory.

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  1. I see "quaint habit" has the same meaning as "bloody stupid" in Petese