Sunday, March 16, 2014

Triumph & Treachery (and Ganging Up On the Good Guy)

Yesterday I organised a game of Triumph and Treachery at the Warlords. The aim was to start getting some more Fantasy played and the T&T format is great fun at including as many as possible.

Four of us turned up to play:

Kent Jackson - Wood Elves
Lincoln Hely - Ogres
Alastair Allan - Dwarfs
Myself - Daemons of Chaos

We had advertised it as 1000 point armies which I think probably works best for this type of game.

The scenario paid out 300 GPs to the person nearest the centre at the end of each turn. We set up with Kent between Alastair and myself and Lincoln to my right.

The action started right away with Lincoln's Maneaters charging the flank of a Dwarf Quarreler block, breaking them and running them down. Kent tried to cast Dwellers on one of my Horror units and I played the card that made him miscast on a double. This resulted in him doing enough damage to panic towards the back board edge. In my turn I charged his Warhawks with two Beasts of Nurgle and they fled into his back corner. Alastair relentlessly pushed his Ironbreakers towards the centre where they claimed the gold.

In Triumph & Treachery, it's all about the gold. The rest is just conversation!

In the second turn I executed a Final Transmutation on the Ironbreakers removing 6 of them. They were then charged by Lincoln's Ogre Bulls which resulted in a flurry of cards from all four players. I'm pretty sure Kent's motivation was the same as mine - that the Dwarfs and Ogres inflict maximum damage on one another in the hope that they weaken one another to allow us to capitalise. The ironbreakers won the combat and fled. When Kent went to rally his General and archers I played the auto-fail card and they disappeared off the board. This left me with the only magic offense. Again Alastair claimed the gold by being nearest to the centre.

The next few turns consisted of me picking away points with my magic in particular reducing Ironbreakers and eventually (after 3 attempts) killing Lincoln's Maneaters. The pivotal moment in the game came when Lincoln charged his Ironguts into the Runesmith (the sole remaining Ironbreaker and BSB Thane heading off to preserve points). He also charged his Sabretusk at the remnant crossbowmen. This proved to be a mistake as the cat was killed panicking the Ironguts. The Ironguts ran but the rallied Bulls very able to charge the Runesmith and kill him. Unfortunately they then suffered Gateway, Blue Fire and Bolt of Change and were killed. A Beast charged and contacted the fleeing Ironguts picking up big points before being killed by a Gorger (this was more of a cripple fight to be honest - took 3 rounds).

The remainder of the game had the Daemons bravely and heroically holding the centre and picking up gold while the three other armies formed some cowardly alliance against the Denizens of Chaos. As I'm sure you all hoped, the Dark Powers saw the day through leaving the weaker races to trudge off home.

All in all it was a really fun way to fill in an early afternoon. The game took approximately three hours  but during that time everybody was involved even if just plotting and scheming.

I'm keen to do more of these.

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