Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Adepticon Display Boards - Part 1

When I was playing tournament 40k, the hobby elements as well as gameplay and sports were an integral aspect. This meant people spent far more time on Army Presentation than is the norm now. Certainly to maximise your potential points haul you needed to "present" your army and that meant that at the top end a display board was the norm.
Over the past few year's the NZ tournament scene has moved to a threshold number of points for achieving a minimum standard and this has seen a lot of people forgo the extra touches they previously would have included. The introduction of the FOB checklist system was a way to give people more opportunity to be creative in their army presentation.
The USA is very different from this - well the Midwest is anyway - and one of the key attractions of an event like Adepticon was the coverage of the fantastically cool armies I saw last year. Presentation - and the extra mile - is encouraged and that results in some staggering armies being on show.
Now while I don't pretend to be in the class of army presentation that wins prizes at Adepticon - check my blog roll "GMM Studios" to see the batshit crazy stuff that can be created - I did think I'd be missing out on part of the experience if I did not participate. To this end I am creating two display boards to take to the event.
The first is for my 30k Death Guard army and the second for my Skaven. The key problem here is that I am in New Zealand - 8500 miles from Chicago - and I have to get boards there. That creates its own problems.
Over the next couple of weeks I'll be showing my work to create the boards and detailing how I went about it.


  1. Display boards make a huge difference, working slowly on one for myself. Look forward to see yours at later events in the year.

    1. Hopefully finish this weekend and then post pics. I've been taking WIP ones to show process