Friday, March 21, 2014

Equinox This Weekend

This weekend we have Equinox occurring in Auckland. As I understand it this will be largest Warhammer 40k since 2010 which is amazing  and great testimony to the organisers.
The fantasy event is smaller this year than in previous years. In 2012 it was the largest Fantasy singles event since the early 2000s and last year it attracted just shy of 40 players making it 2012's largest. I've previously attended twice - in 2010 my Skaven came 2nd to Dave Stent's Daemons when Ant Kitson rolled over for him in the last round; and in 2012 my Ogres won it finishing ahead of Ross H-J and Tim Joss. The last couple of years the re have been some organisational problems - in particular very late Players Packs and venue changes - and I have given it a miss.
All that said, I'm sure that we will see a very hard fought Fantasy event. Two of the 2014 ETC team are playing - Dan Butler and Mal Patel - and I hope that they get six really brutal games. Treat them mean guys! Jeff Kent is travelling north - in his words "to pick up easy Rankings Points" - with his Lizardman "army".
In 40k I understand this is Charlie St. Clair's "Farewell Tour" where he looks to repel the Australian invaders more successfully than occurred at the NZTC.
Hope it all goes well and looking forward to the war stories.

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