Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Future Investment in FOB Events

One of the things I do with the events I run is look to "invest" any surplus back into future events.

Selling out the New Zealand Team Championships meant I was able to purchase:

  • Tabletop World Coaching Inn
  • Citadel Scenery Pack
  • Two Sheets of Foamboard for LOS-Blocking Hills
  • Nineteen Tabletops of my Own
This last purchase will stop me having to borrow the Warlords tables and make setting up a little easier.

So thanks to all for supporting the events through the year. Hopefully the fruits of the harvest will be on show for Runefang VII.

BTW if any locals would like some 4 foot x 2 foot boards let me know. Three together make an ideal home table, easily stored under a bed.


  1. can I ask where you get the foam board from and what it costs?

    1. Forman Insulation - 2.4m x 1.2m - one 50mm thick, one 30mm thick was $135....not cheap but good product

  2. Next stop: one of these

    Then you will truly be independent and not beholden to the vagaries of trailer hire. You'd be able to fit all your tables and scenery and have room in the front for the progeny.

    The only remaining thing to do after that would be actually investing in your own hall... just a suggestion, nothing more