Monday, March 17, 2014

Current Podcast Listening

I listen to quite of few of the available Warhammer podcasts that are available through iTunes. I generally go through phases where I enjoy one more than another but in all cases I appreciate the work that the creators put in.

At the moment my favourite listens are Bad Dice (particularly the Daily) but I think that the fortnightly has been very good over the past 12 months as well. Heelenhammer relaunched last year and while I had reservations about it, I have definitely warmed to it in recent months. I think that it is far more tightly structured than it originally was and this structure keeps it focused.

Podcasters - The Hipsters of the Warhammer World

Over the past year I find that I follow a lot more North American casts. Garagehammer and Ohiohammer are at the more "serious" end and while Garagehammer can always be counted on to ramble a bit it certainly is excellent company when painting. Ohiohammer, like Bad Dice, comes in two formats - the main show and the Xtra Points (5-15 minutes) and the mix of topics means there is generally an episode on the iPod that pricks your interest. 

For general fun I can't recommend Pointhammered and Skull Bros Awesome highly enough. The guys don't take themselves too seriously and the self-deprecating humour is always a good listen. And then there is Jaded Gamercast. I don't think it has the listening figures of the others and it strays into 40k and other games but what carries it is the opinionated nature of the presenters.

In this neck of the woods I really like the infrequent World's End Radio. Again it is multisystemed but the production is tight and structured and I'll generally learn something or have some inspiration every show.

Obviously there are others but in a quite crowded market there are only so many hours in the week so time gets rationed. I download others but they can build up on your iPod if there are competing casts.
The biggest flaw I find with some casts is what I call "and then I rolled a 6" syndrome where there is an exhaustive tournament report. In part I suspect this is not knowing the individuals involved but generally I find it doesn't make great radio.

At the end of the day it's all about opinions and podcasts (like blogs) cater for an indeterminate audience. Some people love your output others not so much.

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