Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Call for "ETC Comp" Opponents

With the NZTC out of the way – and what a fun weekend it was – my attention now turns to Adepticon and the ETC. Adepticon is a month away and I still have a lot of work to do – finish the Death Guard, learn how to play 30k etc – to be ready in time. Busy weekend coming up. I also have to work on a list as I venture into the land of No-Comp but quirky scenarios.
However my gaming focus is now very clearly on the ETC. On Monday we had a Team NZ boot camp at Chez Dunn where six of the team got together to work on lists and start to switch to ETC mode. It was a great day in that it is far easier to communicate face to face than to do everything remotely. Lists were tried, new builds looked at and everyone went away with a better appreciation of the road ahead.
Being the only team member here in Wellington, I am putting out the call to any locals that would be able to give me some practice games. All races – even stunties, in fact especially stunties – are welcome. We have downloaded last year’s maps, have the correct size and type of terrain, I just need opponents. I can provide the latest draft of Comp so you can construct list.
Just let me know on my normal email. Happy to host (as I said I have terrain, tables, maps) or visit. My intention is to play at least 50 games before I leave so let me know if you’d ever like a game.

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