Saturday, March 22, 2014

What Jack Has Been Up To - New Rankings for Australia Fantasy and US FOW

With the demise of Rankings HQ earlier in the year I had a number of enquiries about the Fields of Blood Rankings. As you will remember this was set up last year to provide a local solution to ongoing rankings needs.

Over the past month Jack has been working with gaming groups in Australia and the US to help them produce local based rankings to fill the gap left when RHQ stopped providing the service.

Firstly, the new Oz Warhammer Fantasy Rankings can be accessed here. These follow the same format as the Fields of Blood rankings available on this site.

Secondly, the WWPD US Flames of War Rankings can be seen here

The benefit of this is twofold. One, these communities get continuation of a rankings solution and two, we get access to a community that can propose new ideas/concepts to improve the Fields of Blood rankings.

We are currently talking to another couple of communities re their rankings needs and hopefully we'll be able to help them out.

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