Monday, March 24, 2014

Equinox Results

Over the weekend Equinox was held in Auckland. This is the fifth time it has run and by all accounts it was enormous fun.
The results I have are as follows:
Warhammer Fantasy
1st - Dan Butler (Warriors of Chaos)
2nd - Nick Munn (Daemons of Chaos)
3rd - Russell Simister (Vampire Counts)
Warhammer 40k
1st - Charles St. Clair (Tau)
2nd - Mark Buttle (Eldar)
3rd - Josh Diffey (Chaos Daemons)
The next major event is NatCon at Easter in Christchurch and then Runefang here in Wellington on 26/27 April. The numbers for Runefang are starting to build.

If someone sends me the Equinox results I'll get them in the Rankings. 

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