Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Zealand Teams Championship Results

The 2nd Annual NZ Teams Championship was run over the weekend in Khandallah Wellington. This year I hired the Khandallah Town Hall as the venue and it proved to be a winner with the attendees.

Peter Williamson did a great job umpiring the event and it all seemed to go well from his point of view. A big thanks to him for all his efforts. The event attracted 16 teams - matching the hall's capacity - including two from Melbourne.

Here are the results:
Congratulations to the "Team With The Guy" for sweeping all before them and winning all six rounds.

The Winners 2014 - Team With The Guy - James Brett, Sam Morgan, Nick Hoen and Greg Greenfield

Second Place went to Shirts Off Wargamers - James Milner, Sam Whitt, Mal Patel and Ben Wadsworth - while last year's 3rd Place team "DILF" - John Willenbruch, Glenn Tibbles, Antony Kitson and James Brown - repeated that performance.

The Most Sporting Team went to the "Grumpy Old Men" with the von Trapps winning "Best Painted Team".

The individual painting awards went to:

1st - Sam Whitt (Warriors of Chaos)
2nd - Graeme Fry (High Elves)
3rd - Dan Butler (Warriors of Chaos)

This morning I totalled up the individual results and here are the Top 10:
The tiebreaker used was "Under the Bus". If you finished on same points higher place went to the person who's result was the smaller percentage of their overall teams (team b4 self). Looking at the results I'd say Basil Moskovis was "Chief Bus Driver" this weekend with his score making up a whopping 39% of his team's score!

A big thank you to all for attending and especially to all of you that travelled to get here. Hopefully see you back in 2015.


  1. Awesome event thanks to the Petes!

    Just to let you know (and sound like a whiney bitch) our scoresheet order was messed up. I got 89 points, honest. 9 vs ogres, 13 vs light council, 20 vs brets, 20 vs rats, 16 vs DE, 11 vs daemons. Foot vamps are clearly broken!

    Already looking forward to next year!

    1. Ok. I was just going off sheets Peter W gave me at end. That would slot you in at 5th on the "There's no I in Team" list

  2. Apparently engineer Kitson can't follow columns was the problem with sheets!

    You're right I got myself all the favourable matches for crypt horrors and a terrorgheist: light council, L4 Death GUO with flaming cannons and Morathi.

  3. Individual tallies are interesting - do you have the full list for all 64 players would be keen on seeing what the overall results were.

    Thanks again for organising a fantastic event Pete very much appreciated and Bucketheads will most certainly be back

    1. We've got everyone's sheets except for Bucketheads. I hoped you had them but maybe you destroyed them.

      There is a real risk in focusing on individual scores too much as it all depends on match ups and I'd expect those who go in 2nd/3rd have greater tendency to go under bus. The table was a bit of fun to give extra colour

  4. Thanks for a great and enjoyable tournament Pete.