Friday, February 28, 2014


Tomorrow is the 2nd Annual New Zealand Teams Championships and it brings together sixteen teams of four from across NZ and Victoria, Australia (2.5 teams).

Pretty much all of the top thirty NZ players are represented in teams. Some are based on blood (like the wonderful and likeable Von Trapps) while others are just glory hungry mercenaries thrown together seeking some sort of validation (The Wolfpack). Other teams are composed of people with similar interests e.g the DILFs who are attracted to fathers or Team HAM who like pork based deli items. We even have a team of orphans. Originally called "Redheaded Stepchildren" they apparently decided to call themselves the Krak Team ( a name that initially created some excitement for the DILFs). The SOWs will be present - Shirts Off Warhammer - formed as the result of a separatist split within Team Omani from 2013.

Our Australian friends bring two specialist teams - Panel Comp FTW and The Team Containing the Guy Who Beat.... - and they look very strong on paper.

Last week I picked the best teams on paper and I see nothing to change my view. My pick for the top five in finishing order is:

1. The Wolfpack
2. The Team Containing the Guy Who Beat Si....
3. Beauty & the Beasts
4. DILFs
5. Von Trapps

Let's see how the dice fly......


  1. Looking forward to it! Just have to remember how to play... It's "push it forward", right?

  2. Love us or lose to us,that will be our motto!!

  3. Sorry eldest dilf here,know now.