Thursday, February 20, 2014

FOB Lite Comp Updated

With NZTC lists in and checked FOB Lite Comp has been updated as from 28 February.

There have been three changes:

  • Removal of restriction of Thorek in "Dwarfs"
  • Removal of restriction on Gutter Runners in "Skaven"
  • Limitation placed on Skullcannons in "Daemons of Chaos"
The first of these is self-explanatory....but a new book is out for those that don't know.

The second was superfluous in the current meta. As a Skaven player I can say people were tending to limit rather than increase their GR intake. It brings them in line with Shades, Camo Skinks etc.

The third is to bring Daemons of Chaos in line with Ogres and Skaven regarding restrictions on "cannons". The NZTC lists clearly show that the desirability of taking two Skullcannons and it is something the "community" has long asked for.


  1. If we could just get those cannon restrictions applied to Empire and Dwarves that'd be marvelous.

  2. Pity the skull cannon limitation does not apply to the NZTC. Having the cannon is not so much the problem as being able to move and shoot, and charge as a chariot with them, getting the imapact hits. Having a cannon is one thing. Having multiple supercharged tanks is another!