Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Games Workshop's 2014 Release Plans

So what can we expect from GW for the rest of 2014?
The big question is whether we get the rumoured Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition or the more recently rumoured Warhammer 40k 6.5 or 7th Edition.
Certainly from my viewpoint I hope that they hold off on 9th Edition until they complete the four outstanding pre-8th Edition Army Books – Bretonnians, Wood Elves, Skaven and Beastmen. Following their current pace of one book released a quarter, then this would dovetail nicely into a Summer 2015 release for the new edition. It would also allow them to raise the external strength of the four books so they can deal with the 8th Edition books that now rule the roost.
However that would like mean a reboot of Warhammer 40k this year and given we are not yet two years into 6th Edition, I can’t see GW doing a full new edition so early. More likely we could get a reboot that combines the core rules, Escalation, Stronghold Assault etc into a rebadged “6.5” Edition. Similarly I expect there is some scope to produce a hardcopy Dataslate Compendium to market to those who aren’t utilising DLC.


  1. I'm fairly sure the 40k 6.5 was debunked. The rumours now refer to Epic mystery box in October with Blood Angels vs Orks. At any rate I have heard nothing about it. Mind you I dont really follow the 40k shite much

    Wood Elves are next for WHFB, due April/May, then 9th Edition in the English Summer. 40k will see Imperial Guard and Orks next in that order

    1. I have my money on wood elves coming in may as that is the same time that the current wood elf book trilogy being done by black library comes out, so i am guessing (due to what happened in the second book) a tie in of some sort. Of course i wouldn't complain if they came a month earlier

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  3. heard a rumour that bretonnia will come in july in time for the new starter. any ideas for starter tho'?