Sunday, February 16, 2014

FOB NZ Rankings Update

Over the weekend the Fields of Blood NZ Rankings were upgraded to provide more functionality for gamers.

Now if you click on the Rankings banner you will see the opportunity to select Army Ranking in your chosen genre.

Here we have taken the Best 10 results for each army excluding those gained by the current Army Icon holder, totalled them and then ranked them. This gives a ranking of the individual races within the NZ meta.

So why use this methodology? Well we looked at Best 10 or Best 20 results and found for the size of the NZ tournament scene 10 worked the best. This then removes the tail ie all the results below this. However because New Zealand is quite a small scene the presence of one or two players who are very proficient with the army can skew the results. This can lead it being placed artificially high. So taking the Icon Holder's results takes the "top" off the data and gives a more representative result.

Check out the page and see what is performing strongest in the NZ scene.

We've had request to show the battle for each Best Race Icon.....and we've listened. If you click on any race you will see a ranking of those people who have used that race in the past 12 months. It lets you know how close you are to picking up your "precious"

Anyway hope you enjoy them and check them regularly.

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