Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another Look at WDW

So second week of the Brave New World and en route to the airport this morning I drop into GW Wellington and pick up White Dwarf Weekly.

Unfortunately for me - and anyone interested in gaming - we are not yet halfway through the "Forgotten Month" and so content in the new magazine holds no interest. I'll therefore confine my comments to structure and layout.

I like it. The ability to have a weekly dose of Warhammer is quite nice. Yes, it is little more than a catalogue of New Releases but you can look at the new kit, read some design notes and glimpse some rules for models - that in this case will never be taken because they move - clipped from the new book.

It is sufficiently breezy and lightweight that you get through it in 30 minutes.

From Games Workshop is it a success? Well they are getting $7.00 a week from me they weren't getting before. And no, there were no add on sales though I had been asked to pick up two Dark Elf Reapeater Bolt Throwers for an out of towner (unfortunately the shop doesn't hold stock of them).

So how could it work better? I'd happily pay an extra $1.00 to have it delivered to my letterbox each Saturday.


  1. Your hatred for Dwarfs knows no bounds Pete. Even with new models yada yada you still won't comment on it. I must say. Good effort.

    Gyrobomber looks awesome. The new Engineer and Runesmith/Runelord look really good to I must say :D.

    Simon S.

  2. I'm sold.
    Not on the magazine, (I still think its a waist of money) but on starting Dwarfs.
    I can't wait to be facing off on the top table against you Pete. I can almost feel the frustration from here!

  3. The thing with tournaments is that if you win your first game you generally avoid all the Dwarfs.

    Pretty sure it is one of Darwin's laws of natural selection.

  4. I bought the second edition and quite enjoyed it, but I think that was only because of the Dwarf heavy content. If this month had been a 40K release or something I don't play like Beastmen it would have been a waste of time for me.

    The pictures were very good, but the writing was a bit light and insubstantial. The designer notes on the Dwarf army book were all about the fluff, not about the army design, playstyle and if things had changed. A bit like marshmallow to me, tasty enough, but not very filling.

    It's high degree of focus on a single topic seems to make it applicable to only a percentage of the readership. Only early days yet, so maybe that will change.