Monday, February 10, 2014

Homecon IV This Weekend

Lynne is away this weekend so what could be a better use of time than me organising a full weekend of gaming.

This Saturday and Sunday Chez Dunn will host HomeCon IV! In the past Homecons have varied between 8-16 people, however I've found around ten works best re space and tables. So this weekend ten will be the magic number. I tried to include a couple who won't be playing at NZTC as well as the usual mix of out of towners.

Here is the list of combatants with my pick as to what they will be bringing:

Neil Williamson (Bretonnians)
Peter Williamson (High Elves)
Sam Whitt (Warriors of Chaos)
Jeff Kent (Lizardmen)
Raymond Dick (Dark Elves)
Joel van de Ven-Long (Empire)
Mike King (Lizardmen)
Joe Dixon (Warriors of Chaos)
Tom Dunn (Daemons of Chaos)
Me (Skaven)

Now I might be wrong on a few - notably Neil, Jeff and Joel) but it looks a good mix of armies and should be fun.

We are having lunchtime BBQs both days and any locals are more than welcome to drop in for a look, a chat and a sausage.


  1. Replies
    1. Sheez, you are that desperate to give me the prediction of death that you pre-empted Pete? :P

      Well, I pick you to win it with the list your team was telling you to submit for NZTC, but you didnt due to a late minute change of mind :P

      Joel v

    2. Haha touche good sir. I couldn't of run that list anyway as I was capped at 1 Hydra :(

    3. Did you see the Liverpool - Arsenal game last night Sam?


      My bet is on O' Pete to take it


    4. I missed it Simon, what was the score?

    5. Simon, go jump in the fucking freezer.

    6. I love you to Sam! :D


    7. Sam - you really shouldn't encourage Simon to put ANYTHING in a freezer.

  2. I'm bringing down John Murrie's Dwarves