Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NZTC Just Days Away

Setting up the hall from 6.00pm. 

All help appreciated

If you're not excited now about the NZTC then you are never going to be.

It is only four days away (probably three when you are reading this).

We will be setting the hall up from 5pm on Friday night. If you're local I'd certainly appreciate any help you can provide. The hall is only 100m down the road from the tables but it still means loading a trailer and then unloading them.

I have talked to some of you regarding terrain but if any I haven't contacted can bring some then it would be appreciated.

Anybody is welcome to drop in and watch or just to say hi.

This will be NZ's largest ever WHFB event and I'm picking will be hotly contested.


  1. Best of luck to all the lads during the weekend. Especially to the all the Dwarfs throngs marching to obvious, but hard fought victories.

    I'll be at the fine establishment called "Famous" dancing until I cant feel my knees but will be thinking of you fellas! :D

  2. I have ticked off 2 of the 3 things on my preperation list:

    1) filled in Tane's Matrix-o-Tronic!
    2) trash-talked Hamish
    3) assembled Locky's army (to do). I'm sure his team won't mind if he's missing a few models ;)

    1. I literally have not seen my army, so even a partially assembled army from locky is better than I'm doing

  3. See Locky's mistake was competing with James team mate for models.....

    Bottle people ahoy in 3, 2, 1....


    Dave A

  4. Us DILFs are hoping that 2nd and 3rd are hotly contested so there is some interest aside from our obvious victory.
    PS Simon there is a lass as well as all the lads but may be you saw her list and decided she needs no luck!

    1. Awww JW, always making sure I don't get missed out! But yeah, forget luck, I'm bringing sheer skill to the battlefield this weeked ;) Hence the fluffy list