Friday, February 21, 2014

NZTC - The Top Contenders

Looking through the lists for the NZTC, four teams stand out as head and shoulders above the others as contenders for the crown. I will be flabbergasted if these teams don't fill the top three spots come Sunday evening. Overall they have the strongest lists and if they get the matchups right they will be steamrolling their opposition.

The four teams are (in alphabetical order):

1. Beauty & the Beasts
The ultimate list mix - Warriors, Daemons, Empire and Dark Elves. No team has a better mix of lists than these guys.They are all extremely well constructed with absolutely no fat in any. Weakness may be in the matchup process but if they get over that then they will definitely podium.

2. DILFs
Planning since last September at least. Practice nights twice a week. Technical input from around the globe. They are also the team with the highest aggregate age in the competition (close run with Krak Team). Strong mix of Tetto, Vamps, Brets and Warriors. The lists aren't as good as the B&tB but as James Brown has proved looks aren't everything. Fully expect them to medal.

3. The Team Containing the Guy Who Beat....
It would be impolite to not include a team of visitors from across the Tasman. They are the best Victoria has to offer but as Dorothy says "We're not in Kansas now, Toto". ETC experience in the team. Good lists.Will this team surprise all but themselves. I don't know.....but I've got a niggly feeling.

4. The Wolfpack
The youngest team at the event, a team of mercenaries put together for glory. Empire, Daemons, Warriors and the weaker Skaven, still represents a good mix. The problem may be that Jeff Kent has never seen his army while this is the furtherest Ross has ever been from home and this will have to be held together by Dan and Locky. Should win but probably lack the hunger of the other top three.

In the end it will come down to how many of us baby seals they can club on the way to victory.


  1. Well, that rules those teams out of the running. They've been "Joel'd".

    1. Great so a "Pete Prediction of Death" is now simply a "Joel". Sigh. At least this event I can submarine...I think.

  2. DAMMIT my one chance of getting top 8, thanks pete!

  3. I suspect the Von Trapps/Addams Family should be in the top four contenders too. Two Masters, previous winners, super-honed lists and more concentrated malevolence than Stalin's Politburo, they're the real ones to beat.

    False modesty or a wee bit of gamesmanship from the Mr Dunn Snr....?

    1. You never nominate yourself in these things.
      When you do, either you're right, and you come across as an arrogant dick, or you're wrong and you come across as an idiot.
      It's lose/lose.

    2. Hadn't thought of it from that angle, I think you're right.

      Mind you, doesn't change the fact that they're the ones to beat.